How To Do Wordpress SEO | On Page WordPress | Best Optimization Techniques

On-Page WordPress SEO Optimization Techniques to Boost Ranking

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The search engines are different from your audience it doesn’t care how pretty and colorful your website is. It cares about the quality of your content, keywords, backlinks, etc, in short, whether you have your WordPress SEO optimized or not.

Expert recommends WordPress for the making of the website as it is SEO friendly and offers hundreds of useful SEO plugins. That is the reason most people on the web build their website on WordPress search engine optimization.

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of simple WordPress SEO optimization technique. An ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step) along with WordPress search engine optimization plugin.

For a detailed account and easy access, we have prepared a table of content for your easy access.

Table of Contents

Introduction of WordPress

WordPress is the simplest web software used to create websites and blogs with easy access and better web experience. WordPress is used by 58% of internet websites licensed under a content management system.

WordPress is the simplest web software used to create websites and blogs with easy access and better web experience. WordPress is used by 58% of internet websites licensed under a content management system.

It is free and easy to install, with lots of various themes and plugins. It saves common people from the hassle of technical stuff and with the help of different useful SEO plugins, it makes WordPress SEO optimization easy. In short its all in one SEO pack.

WordPress can power different types of websites such as:

  • Business websites
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites
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The Basics of WordPress SEO

Even though WordPress is not a tech-savvy website and provides easy access to all its features. But SEO is a technical process, you need to practice and learn the basics of SEO to optimize your website and boost your traffic as well as ranking.

If you’re already using WordPress, then you know where we are leading you!

Let’s get started with the basic WordPress SEO optimizing:

Check your site’s visibility settings

The visibility of your website is an important factor for search engines to see your website. WordPress comes with an option of hiding your website search engines so you can work on your website before making it public.

To make sure your website is visible on the web simply visit your admin area and go to settings and uncheck the option to make it visible.

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Using SEO friendly URL structure in WordPress

Your URL’s play an important role in SEO optimization if your website. SEO friendly URL means your URL should contain your content name rather than numbers generated by web. So that both user and search engine bots could read it and rank your content.

For example:

Rather than

You can change this setting in Permalinks page before you launch your website or blog. Simply select the option of Post name and click save.

Note: If your website has been indexed and running for 6 months avoid changing the option or hire an expert. As you may lose your social media share count resulting in the lose of your current SEO ranking.

WWW vs non-WWW in URLs

Websites URL links are usually made up of www or non-www website URL. Your website must have one address as two different addresses may trick the search engine to consider these to be two different websites.

So, you must choose one address between www or non-www site URL.

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For example:

www ( or non-www (

For that, your WordPress Address and Site Address fields both should be filled with the same URL. You can change them by visiting Settings, click on General Page and set both to one.

Note: Both URL works the same none of them have benefited over the other.

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The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Plugins are the optimum part of installing WordPress. It provides timely best new WordPress plugins for different website features including WordPress SEO optimization.
WordPress provides a variety of plugins for its users; the selection of WordPress search engine optimization plugin is confusing for beginners. We have prepared a detailed Pro beginner SEO free plugin guide for you.

Choosing the Best WordPress SEO plugin

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin, we suggest you effective and popular plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack.

Among both plugins Yoast SEO is highly significant and widely used amongst the WordPress users.

Add XML sitemaps in WordPress

An XML Sitemap list your websites pages so that search engines can find it easily your website content.

The addition of XML sitemap does not boost your site’s but it helps search engines find your pages quickly and start ranking them.

You can have an in-built XML sitemap by simply using Yoast SEO plugin. Just simply add your domain name to this URL and we’ll show you how to submit your XML sitemap to Google in the next step.

Add your site to Google Search Console

Google provides a set of tools called Google Search Console to give you a look at how the search engine sees your website.

As well as it provides you data related to how your page appears in the search result, what terms people use to find your website along with how frequently your pages get clicked.This type of information helps you build your content strategy as well as business marketing strategy for your website.

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On the top of it Google Search Console also alerts you when there is a threat to your website such as when search crawlers are unable to access it, find duplicate content, or restricted resources.

We have a step by step guide on how to add your WordPress site to Google Search Console.

If you’re using Yoast SEO, read our Yoast SEO setup guide below.

  • Add your website to Google Search Console
  • Click on the Crawl menu and then select Sitemaps
  • Crawl section in Google Search Console
  • Click on the Add Sitemap button
  • Add your WordPress XML sitemap in Google webmaster tools
  • Your main sitemap is sitemap_index.xml so go ahead and submit that.

Check it after a few hours your sitemap will be successfully added to your website as well as you’ll see the number of indexed links, and the ratio of images and pages.

Optimizing your blog posts for SEO

No wonder Yoast SEO covers all for your blogs content optimization but you still need to learn SEO.
Yoast SEO allows you to work with attention and provides you guide to all SEO matters. It ensures that your title, focus keyword, description and meta description are correct, even whether your content word count is suitable for Google ranking or not.We highly recommend Yoast SEO for on-page SEO to boost your content as well as your traffic.

WordPress SEO Best Practices

WordPress SEO optimization practices aren’t tech-savvy but need a little attention. Once you put an effort into them your website will show better results as well as help you rank faster.

Following are the WordPress SEO best practices you need to follow:

Properly using categories and tags in WordPress

Specifying your content into categories and tags makes it highly convenient for users to access your content as well as for the search engines to comprehend your website structure.

Categories are more like indexing your website according to users need and making it easier to navigate and browse.

For example: if you run a website based on health, your content would be categorized and would have tags of Exercise, Healthy diet, workout, diseases, and cures, etc.

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Make internal linking a habit

Creating inter-links of your old posts or similar content to the new content helps improve your pageview count and besides boosts your SEO ranking.

You should make it a habit as well as advice your co-authors to add links of the previous posts. This SEO best formula will enhance your pageview time along with the time users spend on your website.

Optimize WordPress comments

Comments are your positive reviews about your content and website. They help the users understand your content is reliable and committed as well as presents a positive image to the search engines.
But you should be aware of spam comments and too many comments. Spam comments with bad links affect the reliability of your content as well as disintegrate your optimization.
Whereas too many comments would slow the speed of your website, to prevent your website you should create a website with strong server and speed.

Pro Tip: To handle spam comments use the Akismet plugin. It is the pre-installed and best SEO plugins for WordPress that would fight your spam comments.


No, Follow external links in WordPress

External Links are as important as internal links. But when you add external links of other websites to your website that is called ‘Link Juice’. The same happens if any other site adds your link to theirs.
Link juice is an important factor in SEO, the more links of your website are shared the more better.
To save link juice, you should add “no follow” attribute to external links, this helps search engine not follow those links.

For Example: A normal external link in HTML:

<a href=””>Example Website</a>

While an external link with the nofollow attribute:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Example Website</a>

You can also add rel=” nofollow” to popup link checkbox and easily add no-follow attribute to external


Full posts vs summaries (excerpts)

Full posts could have more disadvantages comparing to summaries of the posts besides they also visually affect your website.

  • Full posts confuse search engine that the content is duplicate
  • They make your archives pages load slow
  • Subscribers of RSS feed would read the whole post without giving your website a visit
  • In short, they highly affect your pageviews

Go to settings and change them to summaries, this would help you with WordPress SEO optimization as well as make your page look cool.

Speed and Security for WordPress SEO

As you must already know speed is a significant factor for any website, Let me tell you security comes second.

Among the WordPress SEO optimization practices, speed security is basics and highly important before you apply any other practice.

These two factors will help you carry your website traffic as well as boost your ranking rapidly.


Optimize your site’s speed and performance

Optimizing your site’s speed and performance is a key factor for an SEO boost. A website must be optimized so that it can be accessed on any device including mobile phone and tablets.

It should be speedy enough to load heavy data and carry heavy traffic. Break-down for a website is a highly negative point and drops your SEO ranking points rapidly.

Your website should be user-friendly and must not make users wait for long to load. The faster your website load the higher the ranking goes.


Optimizing images in WordPress for SEO

As we all know images add a better visual touch to a website over and above it engages the user. But just like website loading time, they should also not take much time to load.

To avoid such situation, you can simply reduce the size and quality of image through WordPress features in image uploading box. You can also add effects and amplify the image.

Apart from that alt-text is your best WordPress SEO optimization weapon. Simply add alt-text and boost that ranking as well as avoid keyword stuffing.

Security and safety of your WordPress site

Low security or no security can get your website penalized or even get blacklisted by Google. As mentioned above it is the second chief factor for WordPress SEO optimization.

Along with search engines it also ensures your users and customers that they are not giving their private data to some un-protected website.

Besides, protection and security protects your website against malware, hackers, and attackers, and prevents it from getting your data corrupt.

better act now and not lose any of it!

Start using SSL/HTTPS

Use of SSL or HTTPS is a step to protect your website from virus, hackers, malware, and bots. They make your website invincible and provides it coding that is unable to break.

You can buy an SSL certificate and HTTPS protection from your host company and get that golden lock you see on websites as a sign of protection and data encryption.

Don’t worry they are not as much technical as they sound, they do all the work all you have to do is buy them and install them.


On-page SEO

WordPress SEO plugins is the comprehensive solution to all your on-site, on-page SEO needs. It modifies your content according to search engines and helps you boost your traffic as well as ranking.


WordPress Yoast SEO plugin

WordPress Yoast SEO plugin is highly reliable and simple for a lay-man to use, its free and provides all sorts of suitable features that you need to boost your website SEO wise.

From title, keywords, description, meta title to the word count, content quality and grammar check, Yoast SEO tells you all.

It is rated among the top 10 WordPress plugins, and considered to be the best SEO plugins for WordPress by website users.

Tech Reshape personally use Yoast SEO plugin for our website, as well as this content has been powered by WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin.

We highly recommend Yoast SEO as it provides the ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step) as well as immensely suitable for WordPress SEO optimization.

Introduction of Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins around the world. It is highly understandable and easy to use even for a non-tech savvy person. Containing the utmost features that organize your blog content and assists to avoid mistakes.

It helps you run your blog website with professional SEO managing tips and tactics. It is a reliable tool that makes your website SEO friendly and optimized and boosts the Google rank of your website.

Features of Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO is well-known for its features among WordPress plugins, it provides different options that makes SEO guideline easy to follow and apply.

Here is a quick overview of some of those features.

The ability to generate an XML sitemap

Yoast SEO automatically generates an XML sitemap for your website as well as keeps it updated as you post new content and alert search engine about it.

Yoast SEO plugin also allows you to add or exclude material from XML sitemap besides that it also gives the option to make changes the way you want.

You can edit your HTML access and robots.txt files

HTML sitemap is opposite to XML sitemap, it is written for users and it is extremely useful for SEO. Yoast SEO offers you access to edit your codding of HTML and make it easy for your customers to navigate easily.

While your Robot.txt files are a very powerful tool and help a lot when working on website’s SEO. It allows you to prohibit search engines to access unwanted pages and folders. 

Although you must use it carefully, it can be useful, Yoast provides you to change the codding according to your preference.

Website permalink control

Permalink is the URL to your website and Blog. It is an unchanging URL to ensure your page remains accessible and avoid issues with broken links.

Yoast helps you control your permalink; lets you clean up your URL structure to make them a little more search engine-friendly.

Allows you to import settings and data from other SEO plugins

The best feature that Yoast SEO covers is the import and export of data to other plugins as well as from other plugins.

This makes it very convenient to derive your data from other plugins as well as if you want t transfer your data you can do it with easy access.

Can change your title and meta settings on a post and page basis

Yoast has a post type section, that allows you to make certain changes to your posts and pages. The basic changes you can make are your titles and meta titles.

One page or blog can follow one format while others can follow another, and both won’t affect each other.

Google search display preview

Along with your title and meta title, Yoast provides an overview of Google search display preview that allows you to see your content the way it would be shown on google.

In that order you can also organize it and makes changes to make it look the way you want search engines to show it.

Ability to index or not index certain sections of your website

Yoast has ability to allow you index certain pages according to your will while not index those you don’t want to. You can index your pages through XML sitemap and allow search engines to rank them for users.
Or you can prevent certain unwanted pages away from the access of crawler via No index. Simply head towards the <head> section of your settings and change the settings.

Verification and linking with Google Webmaster Tools

Yoast allows you to link with Google Webmaster tools and track your websites performance. It helps you bring in better traffic, tracks your keywords, your traffic time and demographics. Google Webmaster tools helps you with SEO friendly settings and boosts your traffic.

Keyword optimization assistance

Keyword is an important factor when it comes to the content of your blog or website. Keywords helps crawlers recognize your content and rank it for users.

Yoast assists you with your keyword optimization for WordPress SEO optimization. It guides you you’re your focus keyword, keyword density and where should you place your keyword.

1. General Settings

Yoast is a pretty simple and best SEO plugin for WordPress. It is all in one SEO pack that helps you arrange your content and make it SEO friendly. On top of everything, it is free along with Yoast blog that offers free beneficial advice as well.

It is one of the most popular plugins of WordPress and here are the basics of Yoast:

Installing Yoast SEO

The question that usually arises in beginners mind is how to install WordPress plugins? But it is as simple as WordPress itself.

Simply search Yoast SEO and click install and set it up for activation. After activation, you’ll head to the setting up of Yoast SEO.

Setting Up Yoast SEO

We have earlier suggested you plenty of tips on the combination of Yoast and WordPress and different features of Yoast.

Kindly follow the pattern we suggest here and set up your Yoast account:

  • Transfer your data if you were using any other plugin before Yoast
  • Stay on the general tab and don’t sway

On visiting the features page turn them on

Webmaster Tools

As earlier explained in the Google search console guide, webmaster tool helps in easy verification of your website. Simply sign in with webmaster tool program and add your meta tag to verify your ownership. Then add the meta code you received into the respective fields.

2. Titles & Meta Optimization

Your title and meta help your page to stand out in Google search. Yoast provides you a snippet which helps you see how your title and meta title will look on Google so you can optimize them better.

The snippet editor meta box is located under the content box on your page, so you can edit it. You can also set templets for your title and meta title for homepage, posts, pages, categories, tags, and archives in search appearance.

3. XML Sitemaps

An XML sitemap lists the pages of your website so that search engines can find it easily your website content.

XML site map can help with configurable removal of post types and taxonomies, pages or posts that have been nonindexed will not show in XML sitemap but can if you want them too.

4. Advanced

Under “Advanced option’ you’ll see is “Breadcrumbs. enabling breadcrumbs on your website, your visitors will see a link path ton op of the page that leads to the current page. (Example: Site Name > Blog > Post Title).
The second comes Permalinks, that helps cleaning URL structure and make SEO more friendly. The third is RSS, the RSS tab enables RSS Feed which is like your trademark. It provides the credit to your content back to you and redirects the link back to your website. This way you can prevent content scarping and stealing.

5. Tools

Yoast SEO has certain Tools such as Bulk Editor and File Editor. With the help of bulk editor tool, you can change titles, description or simply to posts in bulk.

While the File Editor tool helps you with Https and Robot.txt import and export creating a back-up copy for the transferor transferred data.

6. Search Console

The use of search console you can verify your website so that crawlers can crawl your page and optimize it.

Go to your SEO tab > Search Console tab, click on it and add your Google authorization code and authorize it. In a few hours, your page will be visible on the search engines and ready to be optimized.

7.Optimizing Your Content

Creating a website from scratch, SEO is the factor you need to take in consideration.  Using the right title, keywords, description, H1 tags and so on is the key that Yoast provides you with the right guidelines.

8.Optimizing Your Categories

You must have visited sites that have divided their content into categories and tags. Putting content into categories and tags organize your content as well as makes it users easy to navigate around your blog.

Tags and categories are both examples of a taxonomy system. When used correctly, a good taxonomy system can boost your site’s SEO.

9. Social

One great feature of the plugin is that it integrates your site with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Click on Social link under the SEO menu and set up your social media platforms.

In the first tab of accounts add your Social media links/URLs and usernames to tell Google about your profiles. Then visit each tab enable the meta card data button and click save after enabling the social tabs.


We hope this article helped you learn how to properly use WordPress and Yoast plugin. You can implement these WordPress SEO optimization techniques and increase your website traffic in no time.

If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our blog for more SEO related articles and news. You can also comment below for further tips or queries.

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