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Who could have thought Fiverr a website where one only work with 5$ per work, can make one rich? Well, it is 100% true Fiverr has made people leave their full-time jobs and made Fiverr a career.

And that means that Fiverr is ruling but, the website has become highly competitive and ranking your gig on the top is hard. Fiverr gigs ranking is a big matter as Fiverr has a high amount of buyers and sellers.

In this article, we’ll broaden your understanding of fiver and how are Fiverr gigs ranking work in 2019?

Table Of Content:

Introduction of Fiverr

Fiverr profile Setup method

Optimization checklist

Fiverr algorithm update as in 2019

Fiverr First order converting case

Fiverr gigs promotion

Fiverr gigs marketing strategy

Introduction of Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest market space for online digital services. The site allows freelancers to provide their skills called gigs on a global scale. Buyer pays on Fiverr in advance and sellers receive the payment after they hand over the product, result or work t buyer.

The work starts from 5$ only but as the seller gets the experience they can increase their price rate for gigs. One can offer services such as logo design, marketing services, whiteboards videos and much more

Fiverr profile Setup method

First Step


The first step is easy sign-in into Fiverr website and gets yourself registered with your email address.

Second Step


Add your information such as profile picture, introduction, languages and personal information.

Third Step


Enter your professional information, such as education, occupation, and your skills, etc.

Fourth Step


Link all your social media accounts with Fiverr account, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Fifth Step


This is the final step of your account for the security of your account. Verify your email, add your phone number and click finish to add your first Fiverr gig.

Fiverr Gigs optimization checklist & method

Gigs are everything when it comes to Fiverr. When you hear about they seem all easy, all you have to do is post a description and the work will come flowing with it. But it’s not so easy, yet it is!

Here is a checklist to optimize your Fiverr gigs ranking:


Be precise and creative with gig title

The title is the significant part of a gig; you need to be precise and as creative as you can. The concise you write the higher you would bid.

The best option will be to check out some successful accounts on Fiverr and see how they post a gig. Think about your buyer, and niche, how they think, what would attract them?

Don’t forget to search for a relative keyword to your gig, as keywords are what would bring the buyers like bees.


Eye-Catchy image

The visual aspect is important when you upload or post a gig, as it catches the attention of a buyer. Use an image that relates to your gig and work. Use something original, think of your gig as your brand advertisement.

You can also use, the same image or theme for consistency and reliability.

Descriptive description

Write a comprehensive description, explain your work completely as Fiverr allows you 1200 characters. Use different types of fonts and text size to make your description different and your key points visible.

Don’t forget to add keywords, add your keywords all you want that relates to your gig and rank higher in Fiverr gigs ranking.

You can search for keywords from Google Keyword Planner.

Direct interact with Videos

Videos are the next big thing, to optimize your Fiverr gig profile. Add a video of yours, explaining your gig. The videos are more reliable comparing to an image, as your buyer can trust you more as well as it’s a word of mouth.

Fiverr allows you to post a video of 3 min length, take advantage of that if you reach your word limit in the text box.

Make the Most of FAQs

An overlooked part of Fiverr gig is the FAQ section. You can add up to ten questions to each Gig and have up to 300 characters to answer each question.

Think about what your buyers want to know about you and your work and write good questions and answers.  You can take bits of help from some top Fiverr accounts.

FAQs are another best platform to add those good keywords and as well as build your trust with your buyer.

Feedback from clients

The feedback on your gigs is what attracts other buyers or clients. A five star on your profile shows the reliability of your work. Ask your buyers to lend you a good review and stars when they receive their work.

The more the positive response the more you’ll receive new clients.

Fiverr algorithm update as in 2019

Fiverr algorithm 2019 in simple words is the Fiverr gig ranking formula. The Fiverr gig ranking formula doesn’t work as that of Google, as Fiverr uses a different algorithm, where rankings change quite often.

Fiverr algorithm 2019 is important to optimize your Fiverr gigs ranking using a Fiverr gig ranking formula. The Fiverr gig ranking formula is similar to SEO ranking formula.

Here is a simple Fiverr algorithm 2019 guide on how to rank fiver gig on the top

1: Targeted Keyword

As we have mentioned above, keywords are an important factor. Use those SEO keywords in your Fiverr description, bio, and gigs, etc. As they help the search engines find your content and bring it on the top for buyers.

2: Add Tags wisely

Tags can be of great help, so use them wisely. You can add keywords into your tags too or similar to your keywords.

3: Create an Impression

Good ratings come from great hard work, dedication and customer care. You must build trust among your buyers. For example:

Providing work on time

greeting clients well

keeping good communication

producing the best of your work

Offering guarantee

Asking for feedback

4: Stay Online

The best among Fiverr gig ranking formula is to stay online 24/7. Well, don’t be scared it’s just until you prove your worth and gain potential clients.

According to the Fiverr website the more time, you spend your time online, the longer you stay on the first page. So, after posting a gig you must stay online as much as you can, to receive more orders.

5: Gain Loyal customers

Your one time customers can become all-time customers, and keeping a good reputation and behaviors, makes them stay forever.

So, gain trust, gain loyal customers, who you can count on for consistent work and good feedback.

6: Use Analytics and Tweak Your Gigs

Use analytics on your Gigs to track your gigs impressions, views, and orders. Understand and control, the changes that you make with your account and how they affect your account metrics.

This way you can detect which changes were beneficial and which were not impactful. This will make a definite influence on your Fiverr algorithm 2019.

Fiverr First order converting case study

We hear success stories about Fiverr platform and people who made it big. Fiverr is the platform where success stories are made daily but with conditions.

Anarchofighter is one of the successful Fiverr case studies, who applied his Fiverr gig ranking formula and made the impossible possible. He worked as a seller on Fiverr and bought a house within one year with his hard work.

As shocking Anarchofighter’s story may seem, it is true. You can make it big with that first sales and never look back.

But how did he and the like did this Fiverr gigs ranking on the top for the first order? Here are we tips from the expert.

Choose the right service for yourself and don’t just choose what’s popular.

See your timings, they matter, post a gig on times when buyers related to your service needs services

Again, your images, videos, and description text matters make them better and catchy
Post more than one gig, similar to each other, if you don’t get an order on the one you’ll get on the third one

Provide quality work, so you can get good ratings and feedback to boost your sales

Invest a little in your promotion

Fiverr gigs promotion

You would need to promote your Fiverr account on other platforms rather than Fiverr itself for better Fiverr gigs ranking. Sharing on different platforms and mediums helps in boosting Fiverr gig ranking formula and algorithm as well.

Here are few tips on how to promote your Fiverr gigs for better ranking:

Share your Fiverr account on your social media accounts
Ask your friends to share your profile on their accounts as well
Pay for promotion
Join Facebook groups and share your services and profile
Promote on YouTube through video
Write on Quora about it and promote it

Fiverr gigs marketing strategy

You must have understood the Fiverr gigs ranking process, as it is not only based on making an account and waiting for orders to come. You have to make an effort for the orders to come rolling in.

To do that you need to get an insight into Fiverr as a marketplace and create your marketing strategy. We here share you the tried market strategy by experts.


Create a blog

Websites such as and are free website platforms, which let you create a free website and run it.

Take advantage and create content, promoting your content and gigs. Write sample articles and show your skills, whatever you offer. Share your URL with your gigs you post.


Join Relevant Online Forums

Even though the age of forms is long gone, but there are still multiple people who use such platforms. Create your account on form and post your link in your signature area.

That way whenever you’d post, other members will get to see and visit your link, giving you loads of traffic.

Ask Friends

Linking your Fiverr to social media is just not enough, post on these networks. Ask your friends to share them further on their accounts and follow your gigs

Commenting On Other Blogs

Join the bloggers’ community, be friendly and leave good and concise comments on their blogs. This will help you with Fiverr marketing and gain exposure.

Quality is the key to Fiverr gig ranking – shortcut to rank up.

Request Referrals

There is no harm in asking for small favor or referral. As your followers to refer your gig to some of their friends.

Utilize the Guest Posts

Take advantage of the lazy bloggers who have nothing to post but have a lot of visitors visiting their blogs. Trade guest posts with a link to your gig. Followers of the blog are more likely to follow you in your gig account.

Invest in Traffic From Fiverr

Many Fiverr gigs offer to sell their traffic for few bucks only. You can purchase traffic for your gigs and get benefits, in the long run, boosting your profile.


These were some practical tips to help you boost your Fiverr gigs ranking and take them to the top. The main thing to remember is to stay patient, stay persistent and always try new tips and techniques.

Keep your eyes on the new updates and trends and use them well. As the world is moving too fast and no one stops for you. Apply new methods, and ideas attract new and more followers.

The best Fiverr gig ranking formula is to give quality products and content as that’s the actual way to boost your Fiverr gigs ranking organically.

Stay connected with Tech Reshape for more useful tips and ideas on how to improve Fiverr gigs ranking and updated Fiverr algorithm 2019. Enjoy!

Have a question? Or know about more new tips on how you optimized your Fiverr Gigs? Tell us in the comments below!

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